We need a new State School Bond on the 2020 State Ballot.

Already, the Proposition 51 new construction matching funds ($3.0 billion) are fully committed for

applications already filed.

The Proposition 51 modernization funds ($3.0 billion) are expected to be fully committed by late

Spring 2019.

The Proposition 51 charter school funds ($500 million) are committed and the Proposition 51 Career

Technical Education funds ($500 million) are expected to be committed fully by the end of 2019.

We believe there needs to be a more consistent process for long-term funding of state participation in the

School Facility Program. We believe we should establish a long-term, consistent, guaranteed funding

source that provides more predictability for the State and local school districts. This program could be

designed to more easily address changing school facility needs, such as the current need for

enhanced school safety.

We also believe there needs to be an ongoing restricted, stable funding source for school district

maintenance, repair and minor capital outlay. This needs to be done through new local school revenues.


With your help we will have a coalition that convinces the state to put a new State School Bond on the

2020 ballot and a campaign to pass that State School Bond and create a program that provides every

student and teacher a clean, safe, quality classroom.

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